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TY Meredith

CEO / Co-Founder

Ty Meredith started his career in sales at an early age in Cleveland, Ohio, becoming the youngest Outside Sales Representative for the nation’s largest paging company, Arch Paging and Communications, at just 17 years of age. 

His connections within the sales community eventually lead him to the Basement Finishing and Waterproofing Industry.  After being trained in all facets of the business, his success in this field enabled advancements which earned him the opportunity to manage his own division in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Upon hearing of an opportunity to purchase a family owned remodeling business, he immediately saw an opportunity for growth.  His strong desire to build something for himself and his family led him to buy Meredith Remodeling Inc. in 2011.

Ty has over a decade of successfully building the right teams, brand, and relationships within the roofing industry. He specializes in bringing a quality product to the customer through building the right company culture. By regularly attending National Roofing Conferences and implementing national sales training, he has grown his business over 15 times in just 10 years. 

The desire for continual growth led Ty and his business partner to revolutionize the roofing industry and offer their sales representatives greater ability to “close the deal”,  thus Ugly Roof was born! 

Additionally, Ty is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace. He regularly develops internal campaigns to motivate his employees to be the best they can be. His faith, beautiful wife, and amazing daughters are everything in his life. That, and his strong desire to succeed, has made him the man that he is today.

Jon Broce

COO / Co-Founder

Jon Broce started his roofing career early in his dads sheet metal shop when he was 8 years old.  Jon was always an entrepreneur at heart. He started up his own Home Building Company in 2000 at age 20. He then grew the business into a custom spec home builder, building and selling 45-50 homes a year. Jon then sold his business in 2007 with an annual portfolio of $19,125,000. 

His love and vision for the construction industry moved him into the roofing sales arena. This was a natural fit for him, because of his roofing upbringing. He started working for a few local roofing contractors helping them scale their businesses by building out their sales processes and teams. 

Jon had a successful roof cleaning company that he started in 2012 and grew it regionally to over $1.2 million a year in revenue.  He then sold this company in 2015.

He then was offered a position with an up and coming roofing company as their Director of Sales and Business Development in 2016. Through his hard work and industry knowledge, he was able to scale that business from $4 million annually to over $20+ million in under 3 years. This was done mainly on excellent branding and sales training methods, which Jon had learned and acquired through his years in the industry.

Jon saw other visions and ownership opportunities and joined the Meredith Home Improvements team in 2019. He spent the first year restructuring the systems and processes and developed one of the best sales teams in the industry.  Meredith Home Improvements rebranded to MHI Roofing and refocused on all things roofing. They were able to 3X revenue in 2 short years. 

However, Jon felt there was a void in the market for the end consumers. They were replacing roofs that could have been saved with repairing, cleaning and restoring them. That is when Ugly Roof was born.  Jon and his business partner started working vigorously at finding the right products and solutions for the dealers and consumers. They developed a business model that truly makes it easy for the roofing contractor to enter into the roof rejuvenation space, while saving the consumers roof and money.

Additionally, Jon believes in serving his employees and customers. His focus has been to make each person around him a better person than when they walked into the door.  Needless to say, leadership is driven in his veins and he leads by example and pushes from the front. His love for his wife, children, grandchildren and family is what truly motivates Jon to be the best he can be. 

TY Meredith SR.

EVP of sales

Ty is currently a partner in an exciting upstart company, He devotes his time to the overall business development of the company with a strong focus on Sales and Partner relationships. 

In 1976, while in his senior year of high school, Ty started a construction company. Over the next decade he provided dozens of high-quality jobs by developing an attractive culture that allowed everyone to thrive.

In 1986 Ty was recruited by Willamette Industries, a Five-billion-dollar forest products company. As Willamette evolved to Weyerhaeuser and then Domtar Corp. Ty advanced into various Sales Leadership & Sales Management roles. For 34 years Ty focused on providing fiber-based products, technologies and services to a demanding and ever-changing corporate print environment. Negotiating long-term corporate contracts with Insurance Companies & Financial Institutions became a passion. 

In 2020 that passion changed. The opportunity presented itself to join his son and good friends in an upstart venture with exhilarating potential! Along with 44 years of Sales & Sales Management experience, Ty brings to his position an abundance of energy & a passion for interacting with people. His goal is to continue to treat people with dignity & respect by providing a ‘real-world’, ‘down to earth’ approach to ALL involved along the way!

Ty has been married to his teenage sweetheart for 42 years. Together they raised 3 beautiful children who are all highly productive members of society! Ty enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. As an avid Pittsburgh Steelers sports fan, he has inculcated the “Black and Gold” passion in his grandchildren. Sadly one of them became a “ Browns Fan” …YIKES …I guess you can’t win them all!

Zack Beck

Sales Trainer

Zack Beck was born in Raleigh NC, but his family moved to pittsburgh in 1995. He started working at Sonic in 2010 and quickly earned his way into management opportunities. 

Went to College at Duquesne and studied physical therapy, At 2 years into the degree, there was a great Sales opportunity by way of Meredith Home Improvements in 2014. 

Zack then quickly grew to love and learn the roofing industry.  His sales started to rise after going through and passing extensive sales training through the Rodney Webb University. This was a 2 year adventure of training and self reflection. He also mastered DISC, Sandler and System Thrive to become a dominate salesman and sales trainer. 

Zack became the top salesman in the company and held that title for 7 straight years.   Zacks sales performances put him at averaging over $2.5 million dollars a year in revenue in roofing sales. Needless to say Zack is the best of the best in the in home roofing sales category. 

Zack beta tested the Ugly Roof process for the company and fell in love with the results.  He then worked diligently to help create a sales presentation for the team and was able to help train the MHI Roofing team on how to sell the product in home effectively.  

Zack believed in the product so much, he decided to invest in the company. He is excited to see where we have came from and where we are going. 

Furthermore, Zack’s competitive edge and desire to be number one, has pushed him and drives him everyday. Along with his faith and the love and support from his wonderful wife and family, this has allowed Zack to focus on giving his all in everything he does.

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