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Have you taken a look at your roof? Does it look dirty? Did you know that most of the time, homeowners don’t realize how dirty their roof is? Think about it; your roof is what’s protecting your house from various things, such as weather events and nature. Your house accumulates leaves, debris, water, and moisture to protect you. However, these things can damage your roof over time. 

If you want your roof to last for many years, you need to look for roof cleaning services. We, Ugly Roof, offer you roof cleaning in Pittsburgh. Don’t worry about dirt and damage to your roof; we leave it as if it was brand new! Avoid the various problems that come alongside a dirty roof and make your house look amazing.


Cons Of Not Cleaning Your Roof

There are various consequences of not cleaning your roof; among them are:

  • Damaged roof: your house’s roof is constantly exposed to natural elements 24/7. Debris, dirt, algae, water, and leaves accumulate on your roof, inviting moisture, mold, and bacteria that decay your roof. This will create more issues that, if not addressed on time, can be huge and expensive.
  • Health concerns: If dirt, moss, algae, mold, or mildew accumulate in your roof, it will cause health issues in your family. These specks of dirt have been tied to serious health concerns. If you put this in perspective, the medical bills will outweigh the cost of cleaning your roof. Most importantly, the best way is to prevent your family from getting sick.
  • Bad aesthetics: If you don’t clean your roof and accumulate all that dirt, it will not look good. A stained and blotchy roof decreases your house’s curb appeal. This will decrease your home’s value and attractiveness. 

Clean Your Roof With Us

If you need roof cleaning in Pittsburgh, Ugly Roof is here to assist you! We know all the issues a dirty roof can bring; that’s why we make sure that it’s so clean that it shines! We clear out dirt, discoloration and treat bacteria in your roof. Our roof cleaners are experts and will remove any dirt or bacteria from every shingle of your roof. We make sure that your roof is in great condition for many years to come.


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