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Many homeowners overlook the importance of cleaning their roofs regularly. Cleaning your roofing system will prolong the life of your roof and save you hundreds over time. 

Need roof restoration in Lantana, Fl? Ugly Roof is a full-service roofing company in Florida, specializing in roofing cleaning, repair, restoration, and inspection.  


Why Clean Your Roof Regularly?

The best way to extend a roof’s life is to have contractors perform regular roof cleaning. Whether your roof is brand-new or years old, will help you transform your roofing system with excellent cleaning and rejuvenation services. 

Regular cleaning of a roof, no matter its age, will preserve its condition and aesthetics. 

Roofs are exposed to all types of elements, including snow, thunderstorms, hail, extreme heat, and falling debris. Over time, they tend to collect dirt, grime, silt, and other such debris that can affect their performance and appearance. 

Restore Your Roof With Our Rejuvenation Process

We use the latest cleaning technology to get maximum results without any risk to your property. Our superior rejuvenation services can remove organic growth (mold, algae, lichen, and moss) and restore your shingle’s look and functionality. Here is how it works:

  • Refresh

We apply a pre-treatment roof cleaning

  • Repair

We will take care of all necessary repairs in a roof tune-up.

  • Restore

We apply rejuvenating oils to restore your shingle’s aesthetics and functionality. 

Benefits of Working With Ugly Roof

Your roof is what protects your home from wind, hail, rain, snow, and heat. It provides structural support and insulation. So if you want your roof to keep your home warm and safe, it’s crucial to ensure your roof is in good shape. Our thorough cleaning services at Ugly Roof can help you restore your roofing system to its original look.

  • Extends your shingles life
  • Keep your shingles soft and flexible 
  • Increases fire and hail impact resistance
  • Improve granular adhesion
  • Save you thousands of dollars down the road

Roofs are our expertise. Cleaning your roof will extend your useful life and prevent water damage inside your home. 

Hire the Experts

Our roof rejuvenation service and roof restoration service at Ugly Roof offer an affordable and more efficient alternative to prematurely replacing your roof. If you are looking for roof restoration in Lantana, FL, Ugly Roof is here to help you out. Contact us today to improve your roof’s performance and aesthetics. 



We are fully certified and insured, with years of field experience under our belts.


Using only the highest quality materials, we ensure the health and safety of your roof at all times.


We want your roof to live as long as possible through regular care.


Our care and expertise will ensure your roof stays healthy and happy for years to come.

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