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Does your roof look a lot older than it is? You might be considering replacing it, but there is another option for you. If you require roof restoration or roof rejuvenation in Pittsburgh, PA, our cleaning services at Ugly Roof can bring your roof back to life and make it look brand new again.

If you want to protect your roof to take care of your house and family, you can look for a roof restoration or roof rejuvenation. We, Ugly Roof, are roofing contractors that can help you with your roof restoration. If your roof is starting to show signs of aging after some years, our roof restoration system will help you make sure your roof works efficiently while looking amazing.


Why is Roof Cleaning a Must?

Ensuring your home is under a clean, solid roof is something you should never take for granted. 

Besides ruining your home’s curb appeal, a dirty roof can cause severe damage to your roofing system and home. Failing to provide your roof with regular cleaning increases the risk of expensive repairs down the road.

How to Tell If Your Roof Needs Restoring

Like any other component of a house, all roofs eventually reach the end of their useful life. Wear and tear, as well as exposure to extreme weather conditions, can cause the shingles on your roof to lose their oils. 

Here are 5 potential signs that your roof needs restoration:

  1. Your roof looks old and worn.
  2. Your roof is older than 20 years old.
  3. Moss growth
  4. Signs of corrosion
  5. Decaying Shingles

Transform Your Home With Our Rejuvenation Process

Our rejuvenating roof process restores your entire roof in one go, with more long-lasting benefits. Our roof rejuvenation service:

  • Stops Moss Growth

When applied, our soy-based oils will smother moss and algae, preventing them from growing further.

  • Increases Granular Adhesion

Our rejuvenating system increases your shingle’s sealing. Better granular adhesion means better protection against high winds, hail, and rain. 

  • Restores the Oils

Years of wear and tear cause shingles to lose their oils. Our process allows them to get their flexibility back.

Save Money with

Over time dirt, moss and algae can severely damage integral parts of your roof structure. Don’t wait until it is too late to give your roof the attention it needs. Our cleaning services at Ugly Roof can bring your shingles or tiles back to life while extending their lifespan. Give us a call or submit our online form to get the best roof restoration in Pittsburgh, PA.

If you’re looking for roof restoration in Pittsburgh, Ugly Roof has your back! We provide you with our high-quality rejuvenation system. After various lab testings, our rejuvenation system has proved to help roofs with aging and granular adhesion impact. Our rejuvenation formula is environmentally friendly and is field-tested, helping to reduce the effects of hail damage. We also offer our roof inspection services in Pittsburgh, PA!



We are fully certified and insured, with years of field experience under our belts.


Using only the highest quality materials, we ensure the health and safety of your roof at all times.


We want your roof to live as long as possible through regular care.


Our care and expertise will ensure your roof stays healthy and happy for years to come.

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