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Roof Restoration Services In Pittsburgh

Did you know your roof is one of the most important things in your house? You wouldn’t have imagined that, right? Your roof protects your home and family from outdoor dangers, such as weather events like rain, snow, or the hot sun. Also, it protects you from dirt, bacteria, and insects that can later cause health issues. However, sometimes we don’t pay a lot of attention to it, which can cause damage. 

If you want to protect your roof to take care of your house and family, you can look for a roof restoration. We, Ugly Roof, are roofing contractors that can help you with your roof restoration. If your roof is starting to show signs of aging after some years, our roof restoration system will help you make sure your roof works efficiently while looking amazing.


How Roof Restoration Works

Roof restoration is a service that includes several steps to fix and make your roof look amazing. Among these steps are:

  • Inspection: A professional inspection must be done to determine your roof’s condition. Once the inspector looks at your roof, he will tell you if it will need deep cleaning or a repair.
  • Cleaning: If your roof is too dirty, roof contractors will not do their work efficiently. Besides, a dirty roof might be the reason why your roof has damage. So, roof professionals must do a cleaning before applying any treatment to your roof.
  • Repair: On some occasions, roofs will need minor repairs. For example, your roof might have a missing shingle. Roof professionals will do those small repairs to later apply roof treatments to your whole roof and avoid roof problems that those minor issues can cause.
  • Restoration: At the restoration stage, Ugly Roof uses a rejuvenation system that it’s a bio-based soybean oil formula that will significantly increase the lifespan of your roof. Our rejuvenation system reduces the impact of aging and granular adhesion while assisting in waterproofing. Also, it improves shingle flexibility, which allows shingles to expand and contract without any issues throughout the day.

Get Your Roof Restoration In Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for roof restoration in Pittsburgh, Ugly Roof has your back! We provide you with our high-quality rejuvenation system. After various lab testings, our rejuvenation system has proved to help roofs with aging and granular adhesion impact. Our rejuvenation formula is environmentally friendly and is field-tested, helping to reduce the effects of hail damage.


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