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Your roof is essential in your home or business since it protects you from the outside. Storms, wind, sun, snow, leaves, and animals could enter your property if your roof isn’t in good condition. Roof deterioration happens, and it’s inevitable. However, there are different things you can do to make your roof last longer. Finding good roofing contractors is key to keeping your roof in good condition.

If you are looking for roofing contractors in Lantana, Ugly Roof is your best choice! Ugly Roof provides you with roofing services to make your roof look amazing and last for many years. We use high-quality materials and techniques to transform your building’s roof.


Our Services

Roof Cleaning

As your roof protects you from all the outdoor elements every day, it will eventually get dirty. Dirty roofs can lead to many issues, which is why it’s essential to clean your roof regularly. If there are streaks, moss, discoloration, debris, leaves, or other things out of the ordinary, you should schedule a roof cleaning.

Roof Repair

If you decided to avoid cleaning your roof for a long time, or there has been a big storm in your area, your roof will suffer some damage, impacting its efficiency and risking any person in the building, as well as the building itself. Also, maybe your roof has minor issues that a small repair can solve, and you can avoid replacing it entirely. Doing repairs to your roof will extend its lifespan, saving you a lot of money.

Roof Restoration

After some years, roofs will start showing some signs of aging. Shingles granular coatings will start to wash out into the gutters, and essential oils will dry up. This will make shingles lose the ability to hold granular in place. Ugly Roof’s rejuvenation system is great for increasing the life of your roof and making it look amazing by reducing the impact of aging and improving granular adhesion.

Roof Inspections

If you don’t know how to detect if you need roof cleaning, repair, or restoration, the best you can do is schedule a roof inspection. A professional roof inspector will know what to look for when looking at your roof. Once they do the inspection, you will precisely know your roof needs and how to solve them.

Commercial Roofing

Your business’ roof is as important as your home’s roof. If you want to maximize your commercial roof aging protection, Ugly Roof has a roof rejuvenate shingle treatment that can help you achieve that goal. The process is quick and affordable, costing a lot less than a complete roof replacement.

Get Your Roofing Services With Us

At Ugly Roof, we provide you with high-quality and affordable residential and commercial roofing. Whatever your roof issue is, we can solve it! We want to transform your life by giving your roof a makeover. Get the best results with our licensed, certified, and trained team.


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