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Our Roof Cleaning Services

Ugly Roof has the knowledge needed to keep any kind of roof healthy and looking good. Our services include essential gutter cleaning and maintenance, clearing any existing debris, as well as cleaning off all mold, moss, bacteria and dirt. This includes gutter cleaning and maintenance, clearing off debris, and cleaning off all dirt, bacteria, mold and moss. Our expertise extends to every type of roof, be it commercial or residential, clean, including:

1. Tile

We take major precautions when accessing these roofs in order to avoid damage, but also get the deepest clean possible.

2. Shingle

We only use soft wash on shingles in order to avoid accidentally blasting off the grit on them. Our experts know exactly how hard to go.

3. Aluminum

Some aluminum roofs can be walked on, while others can’t, so there’s a degree of expertise that’s needed. Trust us to know what to do.

4. Spanish Style

These roofs cannot handle be walked on at all. We take extra precautions to avoid cracking the tiles and ruining them.

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