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Roof Restoration

Lab Tested and Environmentally Sound

Vigorous lab testing has shown that the Ugly Roof rejuvenation system can reduce the impact of aging when applied to roofing shingles.

Our top roof restoration solution uses a blend of natural recycled agricultural oils that have been used in the asphalt road industry for 15 plus years. It works by replacing oils that are lost over the years, drying out the shingles and leaving them much more prone to damage. When shingles have been rejuvenated, their lifespan is extended significantly.

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The Benefits of Roof Health

You may be thinking that roof rejuvenation and restoration seems frivolous, but it’s actually a terrific investment into your home. The application of Uglyroof’s rejuvenation solution smothers moss and algae growth, reduces granule loss, restores the shingles’ permeability and waterproofing capabilities.

Our solution is an environmentally friendly product, tested to ensure it properly replaces the essential oils that exist in asphalt shingles. Increase the longevity of your roofing shingles today!

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