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Your Roof Deserves A Second Chance

Don’t give up on your roof just yet! Probably it has begun to lose granules, visible cracking, and started to leak, but replacing it is not the only answer. Try roof rejuvenation instead! Roof rejuvenation is a process that makes old and damaged roofs look like new again by rehydrating dried-out and brittle asphalt shingles.

At Ugly Roof, we want to bring your roof back to life through our rejuvenation process. We use the highest quality materials and the best techniques to transform your roof and extend its life. Not all roofs qualify for this process, which is why we perform an honest evaluation and consultation to help you choose the best option for yours.


Benefits Of Rejuvenating Your Roof With Us 

If your roof is in need of rejuvenation, our roofing contractors in Pittsburgh begin to work. They start by replacing lost natural oils with our Proprietary Soy-Based Oil, which penetrates all the layers of the shingles to give them more flexibility and a reliable seal, showing results within 15 days of starting the process.

Ugly Roof is focused on client and roof well-being. When you hire our roof rejuvenation services, you not only get a refreshed and resistant roof but also

  • Increased granular adhesion: By rejuvenating the shingles, there is 86% better granular adhesion and increased flexibility which helps prevent damage caused by wind or hail.
  • No more moss growth: The process will smoothen moss and algae, which restricts moss growth. 
  • A sustainable process: With our rejuvenation process, we prevent millions of shingles from going to the landfill, which leads to fewer carbon emissions.
  • Five years extended warranty: The whole roof rejuvenation process is covered under a 5-year warranty in case any shingles lose their flexibility and start rolling up during that period of time. 

The Solution For Every Home & Business Owner Like You

At Ugly Roof, we have mastered our rejuvenation process. Our roofing contractors in Pittsburgh not only clean and repair your roof but also work to refresh, restore and add life to your existing shingle roof. 


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