Ugly Roof

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Sunshine over time dries out your asphalt and lightens your roof. By applying our oils back on your roof this will rejuvenate it and bring it back to its original color which is typically darker than it appears today

A: The temperatures need to be above 40 degrees and we need to apply 45-60 mins prior to rain storms.

A: Yes – Our product is 90% bio-based. Which means this is safe for your family, kids, landscaping and pets!

A: 1) First thing is you will see granule loss on your roof 2)Next is black streaks on your roof 3) Next is curling and buckling or missing shingles 4) Generally speaking – You’re looking for an UGLY ROOF!

A: Depending on your market location (Typical average age is 10-15 years old) i. Northern Markets – 13 – 17 years ii. Southern Markets – 7-12 years

A: The 5 year warranty covers the oils that are applied back into your shingles, that allows the shingles to become more flexible, allows it to seal properly and creates 86% better granule retention

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