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Is It Suitable To Do A Roof Inspection During Winter?

As the snow starts to fall, you might be tempted to wait until spring to do your roof inspection. This is not advisable! While you must take care of your roof during any season, winter inspections are especially crucial because a leaking or damaged roof can become a major hazard for those living in the house.

The last thing you want is your family to have an icy ceiling dripping on them all winter long. In this blog post, you’ll find information that will help you understand the importance of roof inspection during winter, as well as some tips on how to safely conduct an inspection even when there is snow on the roof.

How Does Snow Affect a Roof?

In general, a light layer of snow will not harm a roof. However, if the snow accumulates and remains wet, it can cause damage by weighing down the roof and preventing the shingles from drying.

When the snow melts, it can also seep into any cracks or openings in the roof, leading to water damage inside the house.

What To Look For In a Roof Inspection In Pittsburgh

It would be best if you look for several things during a roof inspection, even when there is snow on the roof. The following are just a few:

– Cracked or missing shingles and any exposed felt paper beneath them.

– Ice dams are caused by an accumulation of snow at the edge of your roof; this can lead to water damage inside as well as leaks around chimneys and vents.

– Leaks or water stains on ceilings and walls of the house; if you notice any, make sure to get a roofing professional out as soon as possible.

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