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Rejuvenation vs Replacement

Ugly Roof are roof contractors specialized in roof cleaning and rejuvenation. Why replace your entire roof when you can rejuvenate it? Rejuvenating a roof is the process of bringing an old roof up to modern standards. This includes removing portions of the old roof, like worn-out shingles, and replacing them with new ones. 

Rejuvenation allows you to save money and time, as well as further protect your home from the weather. Stop wasting unnecessary amounts of money on complete roof replacements. Rejuvenations are the investments your home needs. 


Does Your Roof Qualify For Rejuvenation?

Your roof will be thoroughly inspected before any decisions are made. Our roofing contractors look for the best way to refresh, repair, and restore your roof. To qualify for a roof rejuvenation, we need 60% or more of the granules on your roof to be in good condition. Our process does not apply to every roof. Still, we will give you an honest evaluation and advice on your best alternatives.

Some commonly asked questions include:

  • Why do Granules fail? 

Granules begin to deteriorate as soon as the asphalt core of the shingles is dry. Algae and moss growth will also get beneath the granules, causing them to come loose, prematurely causing the roof to fail.

  • Why Asphalt Fails? 

Over the last two decades, the overall quality of asphalt shingles has been declining due to a lack of high-quality asphalt flux in circulation. It is also the reason why asphalt roadways deteriorate faster and potholes form.

How Does The Rejuvenation Process Work?

  1. We Replace Lost Oils.

For the past 15 years, natural agriculture oils have been used to restore asphalt roadways and replace the lost oils with time.

  1. We Increase Granular Adhesion

There is an 86% increase in granular adhesion and bonding after rejuvenating the shingles. There is also an improvement in flexibility, which helps to avoid wind and hail damage.

  1. We Stop Moss Growth

Roof rejuvenation smothers moss and algae, preventing them from growing any further. The dead moss washes away after heavy rain or during roof cleaning.

Looking For Roof Repair in Lantana, FL? Get Your Roof Rejuvenated!

What are you waiting for! A rejuvenation will add to the looks, functionality, and life of your roof. Additionally, the environment will thank you! A roof rejuvenation results in fewer shingles in landfills as well as fewer carbon emissions. Stop replacing your entire roof! Roof rejuvenations are more cost-effective and sustainable. 


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