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Roof Cleaning 101: Things You Need To Know

Cleaning your roof is one of the best ways to increase its value and your house value as well. This ensures that it lasts for many years. Roofs can accumulate a lot of dirt, debris, and even mold or mildew over time. That’s why your roof can deteriorate quicker than expected and maybe even may require replacement.

Most people don’t realize how important roof cleaning is until they experience water damage in their home from a leaking roof or find out that there are signs of rotting wood on the underbelly of their house because moisture was able to get through cracks in their shingles.

Stay with us in this blog post and learn more about the process of roof cleaning, its importance, as well as a contact you might need to do so.

For Starters, Roof Inspection Is Needed!

One of the most important aspects of roof cleaning is to do a proper inspection first. A roof inspection will help determine whether you need professional services or not, and know-how is your roof’s condition. For example, if there are cracks in the roof due to poor installation, it would be advisable to hire roof repair and restoration experts before going through an overall cleaning process.

FYI: Roof Rejuvenation ≠ Roof Cleaning.

You need to understand and remember that roof rejuvenation is not the same as roof cleaning. The latter is simply doing a cleaning of the roof, taking away debris and dirt. But to rejuvenate means you are restoring it to its original state so that your rooftop looks brand new again, without any damage or stains.

So don’t let anyone convince you that roof rejuvenation is the same as roof cleaning, be careful!

What Do I Need To Know About Roof Cleaning?

There are many things that homeowners should know about roof cleaning and maintenance services. The most important thing to know is what these processes involve so that a homeowner can decide whether or not they should get their roof cleaned.

Also, homeowners should know that roof cleaning is not the same as roof restoration and rejuvenation. And if you don’t clean your rooftop regularly or at least once a year, there are some potentially harmful effects such as increased algae growth which can cause leaks in the future, among other things.

The Pros Of Roof Cleaning Are Endless!

  • Added value to your home: The main benefit of roof cleaning is the added value to a home. It’s no secret that buyers are very much attracted to homes with clean and well-maintained roofs, as they tend to be more presentable and inviting than those covered in dirt or algae growths. The same goes for paint – if your roof has dirt stains, it will be more appealing to clean off the roof than if you don’t.
  • Prolong your roof’s lifespan: Another great benefit of getting your rooftop cleaned is that it can prolong its life and protect it from any damages or leaks in the future. This means that homeowners won’t have to do roof repairs as often and save money on roofing replacement costs.
  • Improve energy efficiency: Another important thing to know is how roof cleaning can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Suppose no obstructions such as dirt or algae growths shading windows from sunlight during summertime (or letting in too much cold wind during winter). In that case, homeowners will be able to rely less on their air conditioning units or fans, saving them a substantial amount of money in the long run.

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