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Ways To Extend The Life Of An Old Roof

When it comes to keeping your house in good shape and ensuring it lasts as long as possible, the roof is one of the most important parts of the whole building. The roof protects everything under it and helps protect any items stored inside. However, if a roof starts to deteriorate and is left unattended for too long, it can eventually lead to problems for the rest of the building.

Old roofs can be a headache for homeowners. They are more prone to leakage, pest infestation, and other problems that can cost you time and money to fix. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do yourself to extend the life of your roof!

Extending The Life Of Your Roof

Your roof is looking a little worse for wear. The shingles are curling, and the wood is rotting away. What were you thinking? Houses don’t last forever, and so neither do roofs. Oh, the horror of it all – the rain will get in and ruin everything! Or not! All is not lost, and it’s certainly not time to go into hiding…yet. Here are a few things you can do to extend the life of your roof even if it has seen better days:

  • Have a professional roof cleaning done. This will remove any built-up dirt, moss, or algae and help provide roof restoration, so it stays in its original condition.
  • If there are any damaged shingles, have them replaced as soon as possible. Damaged shingles can lead to further damage in the future if not fixed straight away, so having some roof replacement done can help.
  • Get your gutters cleaned regularly. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and leak into the roof.
  • Remove any leaves, branches, or other debris from around the roof regularly. This will help keep it dry and free from pests such as termites.
  • Trim any trees near the house that may be overhanging or blocking the roof. This will give it more room to breathe and avoid any damage from falling debris or leaves.
  • Have a professional roof inspection done regularly. A thorough inspection can provide valuable information about how well your house is doing under its current condition, what needs fixing, and when things need replacing.
  • Have regular inspections. By doing this, you can spot any issues quickly and get roof repair, maintaining your roof in good condition. 
  • Get a roof rejuvenation, a process to rehydrate your shingles, adding up to 15 years to the life of your roof. 

Keep Your Roof Young
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