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Top 4 Benefits Of Having Your Roof Cleaned

What would happen if you just stopped cleaning your bathtub or shower? It would probably start accumulating dirt, growing mold, and decoloring until it becomes hard to look at. The same thing happens with your roof. Cleaning your roof is not considered a common chore like scrubbing your bathtub; however, the consequences of not doing it are the same or even worse.

Here are some benefits that you can obtain from cleaning your roof

Contributes to everyone’s health

A dirty roof also means fungus and bacteria growth. This can potentially become a threat for everyone inside the property, especially if any suffer from respiratory complications. At Ugly Roof, our roof rejuvenation process includes the disinfection and elimination of any fungus and bacteria that might threaten anyone inside.

Extends the lifespan of your roof

A regular clean will extend the life of your roof. Our contractors clean thoroughly to avoid the deterioration of the shingles caused by water, animals, or wind transmitted spores. As a result, your roof will last as long as you expect it to without giving you any sudden emergency surprises.

Helps you save money

Our roof cleaning and rejuvenation process costs 20% less than replacing your whole roof, and it takes away less time too. Professional roof technicians recommend cleaning your roof every two years, and still, this would be less expensive than having to replace it because of not giving it the proper care.

Increases value

If you’re ever in need of selling or renting your property, you want to be able to charge good money for it, but for this, it has to be in very good condition. Keeping your roof neat and free of debris is a great way to improve your property’s appeal. 

Choosing Ugly Roof in Pittsburgh, PA

Your roof is like the fifth wall of your property. It is there to protect you from the threats of the outside world. This is why keeping it clean with the #1 roof cleaning company in Pittsburgh is really important for it to ensure it has a long-lasting and fresh life. 


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